14 Mar 2019

Thursday 14th March 2019

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Arrived   10:16   61-0013   B52H   STRAY83   US Air Force   2ndBW
Arrived   13:35   60-0024   B52H   STRAY81   US Air Force   2ndBW
Arrived   13:41   60-0025   B52H   STRAY82   US Air Force   2ndBW

60-0024    B-52H USAF   no tail code or artwork.
60-0025/LA B-52H USAF   named "Ol' Crow Express II"
61-0013/LA B-52H USAF   named "High Tension III"

1st B-52H arrival 61-1013 with 'High Tension II' artwork & mission markings © Rob Cottrell

2nd B-52H arrival 60-0024 © Rob Cottrell

..devoid of LA tail code, artwork or mission markings © Rob Cottrell

Final B-52H arrival, for today, 60-0025 with Ol' Crow Express II artwork & mission markings © Rob Cottrell