2 Jun 2017

Thursday 1st June 2017

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T&G        11:00   60-0324      K35R   QID24     United States Air Force   100th ARW   (12th & last T&G 12:12)


Arrived    12:20   61-0020/LA   B52H   MYTEE96   United States Air Force   20th BS / 2nd BW
Arrived    16:44   60-0002/LA   B52H   MYTEE51   United States Air Force   2nd BW 

60-0002  B-52H USAF
61-0020  B-52H USAF

USAF B-52H 61-0020 'The Big Stick'
2nd B-52H 60-0002 arrival late afternoon © Wayne Hinton-Lewis
60-0002 "Spirit of Bossier and Shreveport" nose art © Barry Moore