27 Aug 2019

Tuesday 27th August 2019

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TouchnGo  08:56   80-1070   U2S   DRAGON02   US Air Force   Landed 10:15 after 8 circuits 
TouchnGo  13:34   80-1070   U2S   DRAGON01   US Air Force   Landed 14:28 after another 8 circuits


Arrived   00:38   82-1068   B2A   DEATH11    US Air Force   509thBS
Arrived   00:42   89-0129   B2A   DEATH12    US Air Force   509thBS
Arrived   01:22   82-1071   B2A   DEATH13    US Air Force   509thBS

80-1070 U-2S USAF
82-1068 B-2A USAF 'Spirit of New York'    Climate-Controlled hangar left-side
82-1071 B-2A USAF 'Spirit of Mississippi' Low-Observability Maintenance Dock aka 'the peanut'
89-0129 B-2A USAF 'Spirit of Georgia'     CC hangar right-side